The harvest is plentiful… (Matt. 9:37)

Tribute To Barbara Green

October 9, 1933 – September 10, 2018

Charles & Barbara Green

Barbara Green was one of the great secrets of the Word of Faith Ministry in New Orleans.  Without her, the church would not have been as great, and it would not have been as large. Barbara had a great love for people, and they responded with their love for her and the church.

Barbara had three great loves.  She loved her family.  She loved the church.  She loved God.  You will not talk to her children, Michael and Cynthia, or any of her friends very long until they will mention these things. These two wonderful children stayed very close to us during Barbara’s difficult days.  For this, I am most grateful.

I loved Barbara.  I believe I was an attentive and generous husband.  I miss her more than words could explain, but I would not try to bring her back. She loved me, but now she is with Jesus, and in comparison to Him, I just seem to come up lacking.  We were together for almost seventy years, and it was an exciting journey that I think of every day.

 Someday, Barbara, I will come where you are, and as the song says, “What a Day, Glorious Day that Will Be!”

Charles Green