The harvest is plentiful… (Matt. 9:37)


Light of Victory
The True Story of My Total Deliverance from Fear, Anxiety, and Depression

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Charles Green had survived the Great Depression in impoverished Mississippi and World War II in Southeast Asia, and was well into a successful career as a pastor when he faced a period of paralyzing fear.

From concern for his family’s financial security and his church’s growth to anxiety for the safety of his children, fear became a constant, unwanted companion, only leaving his side for brief moments during prayer and worship.

Writing with transparency and humor, Dr. Green tells the story of his early life, conversion, ministry and battle with fear, anxiety and depression—a battle that culminated in a dramatic deliverance that can only be attributed to the grace of God.

As Dr. Green writes, “My deliverance did not come because I had discovered a secret formula.” Instead, it was achieved after consistently applying key biblical principles that led to a breakthrough.

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God’s Covenants
A teaching Manual of the Bible

God's Covenant, written by Dr. Charles Green
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Even though the Bible has been translated into everyday language for hundreds of years, many people still see it as a book that only scholars and clergy can understand. But the truth is that the Bible is for everyone, and anyone is capable of understanding the good news revealed in its pages.

Dr. Charles E. Green is a scholar and a pastor, but as a writer, he delivers the Bible in bite-size portions that allow anyone to “taste and see” the life-giving truths of the Bible.

Written in an easy-to-follow format and brimming with scripture passages, the book quickly makes sense of biblical concepts and texts that once seemed difficult. Instead of dividing the Bible into the Old Testament and the New Testament, God’s Covenants separates the Bible into the old covenant and the new covenant. And before diving into any stories, Dr. Green first builds a foundation by addressing the key to biblical understanding: the nature of God.

The Bible is God’s story of salvation, and in it, you can find God’s will for your life. Don’t wait to discover its good news—let God’s Covenants light the way to understanding God’s word.

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The Revelation of God and His Word

The Revelation of God and His Word
Written By Dr. Charles Green
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While it is the best-selling book of all time, the Bible can be overwhelming and seem difficult to understand. Author Charles Green breaks it down into easily digestible pieces, revealing the mysteries of God’s Word. You will learn:

  • The attributes of God
  • How the Old and New Testaments are divided and arranged
  • What a covenant is, and why God made them with biblical characters such as Abraham and Noah
  • Who Jesus really is, and what happened as He walked the earth
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Whether you are curious about Christianity, are a new Christian, or a seasoned Christian wanting a refresher course, The Revelation of God and His Word presents the Bible in an exciting light, making it fun to learn again.

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